Digital Asset Management

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Digital assets are revolutionizing the financial industry. Decentralized platforms for value transfer, trading, and smart contracts are creating efficiencies that benefit everyday investors.  We’re here to help you on your journey into decentralized finance.

Elrond Staking

Help secure the Elrond blockchain and earn 13% - 16% APR on your eGLD when you delegate to us. All delegations are non-custodial so you remain in control of your digital assets. Running on our best in class, US-based IT infrastructure ensures minimal downtime and maximum rewards.

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Unlock MEX

Use our smart contract to unlock your LKMEX for swappable MEX

Market Analysis

We provide all of our clients with analysis and insight into the latest digital asset projects. The outcome is a diversified, high-yield portfolio, strategically designed to optimize risk return ratios as often as possible. We help to analyze various investment options, whether it’s large cap cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or smaller cap projects that show potential.

Discussing the Numbers

About Us

Founded in 2021, RisaSoft Investments, LLC is a full service staking provider specializing in proof-of-stake assets. Services offered include digital asset portfolio management, market research, and staking infrastructure provision.

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