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Introducing RISA Token

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Staking is critical to the security of any Proof-Of-Stake blockchain such as Elrond. As a staking provider, RisaSoft enables users who either do not have the time or technical expertise to maintain full validator nodes the opportunity to provide stake on the network. Users can delegate EGLD and are rewarded EGLD by the protocol.

RISA token is an additional reward to incentivize long term staking of EGLD. The token will also be used as a governance mechanism for decisions regarding the pool. The RISA token will have a maximum supply of 37,000,000,000 tokens. A vast majority of these tokens will be given in the form of rewards to active stakers.

We are committed to developing tools and infrastructure for the Elrond staking community. Our roadmap includes creating staking dashboards, staking provider comparisons, APR calculators, and tax reports. We're also excited to continue work on to incentivize long term holding by exchanging MEX into the locked version, LKMEX.

Below is the breakdown of RISA distribution:

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