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EGLD Staking

Store your stake on the MultiversX blockchain. All delegations are non-custodial so you remain in control of your assets. Running on our highly available IT infrastructure ensures minimal downtime and maximum rewards.

RISA Staking

Stake your RISA rewards to compound your EGLD rewards.

Stock Charts in the Newspaper

Ethereum Staking

The Beacon Chain upgrade brings proof-of-stake consensus to Ethereum. For this, the network requires validators - to propose, verify, and vouch for the validity of blocks. In exchange, honest validators receive financial rewards. Importantly, as a validator you'll need to post ETH as collateral - in other words, have some funds at stake. Contact us for more information on becoming an Ethereum validator.

Industry Expertise

We provide all of our clients with analysis and insight into interesting blockchain projects. Our team is deep in the weeds of distributed validator technology, liquid staking, and automated market maker protocols. We also enjoy writing ad-hoc smart contracts.

Discussing the Numbers
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