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Coming Soon: RISA Token Staking

RISA Token Staking to Launch on Odin DeFi Protocol

We're excited to announce a brand new partnership with Odin DeFi that will give $RISA more utility. Soon $RISA holders will be able to stake their $RISA and earn even more $RISA rewards!

Odin Defi Protocol is one of the fastest growing platforms in the Elrond DeFi ecosystem. It currently offers limit orders, staking, and Initial DEX Offerings for new projects launching on the Elrond Blockchain. Odin DeFi will be a one stop shop for RisaSoft stakers to stake not just $RISA but a number of other blossoming tokens such as $DICE, $CPA, $BBL and $ODIN.

The RisaSoft and Odin teams are currently developing an innovative staking solution that rewards long-term stakers proportionally according the stake duration . This gives more rewards to those who have staked longer. The APR will be set according to the tiers in the table below.

$RISA Staking APRs

Rate Tier

Stake Duration


🥉 Bronze

0 - 9 Days


🥈 Silver

10 Days


🥇 Gold

30 Days


💎 Diamond

60 Days


Launch Date

Both teams are battle testing the new code now on devnet and testnet. To ensure the safety and security of $RISA token holders we will conduct beta testing with our community members. If you are interested in helping test the new staking platform, please message us on Telegram for details. We expect to have staking services fully tested and ready before June 1, 2022

About RisaSoft Staking

Founded in 2021, RisaSoft Staking is a full service staking provider specializing in proof-of-stake assets. RisaSoft currently runs three validator nodes helping secure the Elrond Network. Services offered include digital asset portfolio management, market research, and staking infrastructure provision. $RISA is the rewards token offered exclusively to RisaSoft stakers.

For more information, visit

About Odin Defi

Odin is a decentralized DeFi protocol powered by Elrond technology that is fast, secure, and offers low fees.

The Odin goal: To build multiple products to enhance the utility of the $ODIN token and profits made from those products will be distributed to $ODIN holders. The first Odin product is a DEX where you can buy and sell assets, stake, farm liquidity, and launch new projects on the Elrond network.

For more information, visit

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