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Happy 3rd Anniversary

@MultiversX has been live 3 years now. By design, inflation rates go down over time every year as the network grows. This is a good thing! $EGLD becomes more scarce and more valuable. To this end, we have also cut the base staking rate for $RISA down to 15%

Below are the new staking rates for RISA token. The rate increases up to 37.5% based on the duration of your stake.

RISA staking APRS  🥉 Bronze 0 - 9 Days 15%  🥈 Silver 10 Days 22.5%  🥇 Gold 30 Days ​30%  💎 Diamond 60 Days 37.5%
Staking APRs

Stake both $RISA and $EGLD at:

New EGLD Inflation Rate

MultiversX's economics model is based on an inflation rate that decreases each year at the protocol level. More about this can be found on the MVX blog.

This means that for each year the estimated rewards for a validator will change. As a node operator, we do not control this rate; it is set by the protocol.

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